is Italian manufacturer of Safety Devices against over pressure such as Rupture Disk, Safety Valve & Explosion Venting Panels.

For sixty years now, DonadonSDD has been a synonym for the best custom-made rupture discs for industrial plants, all over the world. DonadonSDD’s answer to the need for reliability, precision and safety that all companies have is a vast range of completely custom-made devices for the specific requirements of any single plant, from rupture discs to explosion venting panels.


Rupture Disk

Managing instances of excessive pressure in industrial plants is a basic element of safety both for structures and technicians. Rupture discs are, as of today, the perfect tools to guarantee complete safety.

Rupture discs are safety devices with the function of stopping sudden variations in pressure from damaging an industrial plant. They mainly consist of a thin membrane – which can be made of several different materials, depending on the exact situation – which is designed to break and open when the specific level of differential pressure rises above the resistance limit that the disc was originally calibrated for, so as to allow for the excess pressure to vent out safely.

Donadon SDD has chosen to make rupture discs it stop product, and develops a vast series of all the most commonly required variants for all different applications, often doing custom work to design the perfect disc for a customer’s specific need.


Safety Valve

A timely management of pressure spikes in an industrial plant is a part of the basic necessary safety measures. Pressure limiting valves make it easy and efficient.

Safety valves, also known as pressure limiting valves, are devices which share the rupture disc’s purpose of protecting an industrial plant from excessive, and thus dangerous, pressure. For this reason, besides being used separately as primary safety devices, they are often coupled together in installations.

Rupture disc and safety valve may be parallel coupled to grant double protection, or the disc can be mounted downhill of the valve to protect it from the content of the piping, or the disc can be installed uphill of the valve. This latter combination is the most common, and it allows to combine the closing of the safety valve to the disc’s waterproof condition, insuring better protection from damaging substances to the naturally more vulnerable valve, and thus making it last longer.


Explosion Venting Panels

Explosions in industrial plants, a real and destructive danger, against which it is essential to find protection. Explosion venting panels are the ideal product for the job.

There are several possible applications and situations, in industrial plants, where it is necessary to protect the structure against a very concrete risk of explosion, usually due to the nature of the products being processed. Explosion venting panels are often the ideal solution to implement a measure of safety in points where this issue is critical, since they are built to yield against pressure as it rises, and let it vent where it cannot cause damage.

An explosion venting panel has three main layers: a metal section calibrated according to the specific application, a protection base, and a PTFE holding membrane; where necessary, Donadon SDD can also supply venting panels with counterpressure support, or with an ATEX, EX II GD and EX II D certification.