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Dear All,

Hereby we inform that Indian company named: Anjali Electronics ( managed by Mr. Rushikesh Bhatt, is a fraudulent, imposter, dishonest and trickish company.

We have an open case and put already it’s name in our Black List because of his criminal behavior.

The topic is for informing and preventing problems for others.



We are delighted to announce the official registration of “Think accurate” as our corporate slogan. Hereafter company’s logo includes this slogan as indicated accordingly.

Think accurate , think accurate , Think Accurate , Think-Accurate , think-accurate

In Extraordinary General Meeting dated 02.Jul.2014 decision to increase the company’s cash investment from 600 million Rials to 1.8 billion Rials were made and registered.

In this way, the total capital of the company (including cash and non-cash) increased to 5.4 billion Rials.

We are succeeded to go into the suppliers list of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) from 19-May-2014

Representation agreement between CGPC and Korean company HANLA IMS manufacturer of level instruments and systems has been signed.

HANLA IMS having more than 25 years of experience in production of various level instruments and systems such as:

Level Gauges

Level Switches

Level Transmitters

Tank Gauging Systems


is in accordance with latest international standards, with all product quality assurance certificates DNV, ATEX, quality management systems ISO… comparable in quality with similar famous European products and real competitive prices.

We congratulate obtaining representation of this important company to the society of friends, fans, clients and customers

Yesterday (13-Feb-2014) CGPC joined Iran-Italy chamber of commerce, industries and mines as a new member.

  • Change of company’s address from Arak to Tehran registered
  • Business and material supply added to the company’s subject
  • Increasing of capital announced in newspaper
  • Agreement for representation and business joining with foreign joint venture finalized and signed.

We are pleased to inform that:

Possiblity of changing website language to ENGLISH has been provided

This web page has been constructed to present CGPC and activities and last information to customers and interested people.