Performing following services in the field of control systems and instrumentation are part of our capabilities:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Basic Engineering and FEED
  • Detail Engineering
  • Design Review/Endorsement
  • Material Supply and Procurement
  • Installation Supervision
  • Pre-Com , Commissioning & Start-UP
  • Technical Inspection & Test, FAT and SAT

Scope of our engineering and commercial activities include below items:

1-    SYSTEMS:

–       DCS (Distributed Control System)

–       FCS (Field-bus Control Systems)

–       ESD (Emergency Shout Down System)

–       PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

–       F&G (Fire and Gas detector system)

–       TGS (Tank Gauging System)

–       MMS (Machine Monitoring System)

–       Relay Based Logic Systems

–       HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System)




  • FLOW Instruments:

–       Flow Transmitters all types (DP, Magnetic, Coriolis, Vortex, Thermal mass, Turbine type, Ultrasonic, PD

.       meter, Variable Area….)

–       Flow Switches (Thermal , Paddle type…)

–       Flow Indicators (Rotameters, sight glasses…)

–       Flow Elements (Orifice Plates, Annubar, Pitot tube, Venturi, Nozzle, Wedge….)


  • LEVEL Instruments:

–       Level Transmitters all types (DP, Displacer, Ultrasonic, Radar,Capacitive….)

–       Level Switches (Float type, Displacer, Conductivity type, Tuning Fork….)

–       Level Gauges (Gauge glass Reflex/Transparent, Magnetic, Sight glass…)


  • PRESSURE Instruments:

–       Pressure (absolut and gauge pressure) and Differential Pressure Transmitters (with or without diaphragm

.       seal and capillary tube…)

–       High Pressure (basell standard)

–       Pressure  Switches

–       Pressure Indicators (gauges) with accessories….


  • TEMPERATURE Instruments

–       Temp. Transmitters, Temp. Switches, Temp. Gauges

–       Thermocouple all types, RTD PT100/1000- 2/3/4 wire, Thermistor…

–       Thermo wells/ Test Wells



–       Control Valves all types (Globe, Ball, Butterfly…), Diaphragm or Piston actuated.

–       On/Off valves, Emergency Shut Down Valves

–       Safety Relief Valves, Vacuum Breackers, Rupture Disks

–       Motor Operated Valves

–       Solenoid Valves



–       pH meters, Conductivity Analyzers, Infrared Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph, Oxygen Analyzers,

.       Hydrocarbon Analyzers, Humidity….


  • MACHINERY Instrumentation

–       Radial Vibration sensors, Axial Displacement, Bearing/Casing Temperature Sensors…



–       Flame detectore (UV/IR…)

–       Heat Detectors (Rate of Rise, Point Detectors, Linear Heat Detectors…)

–       Gas Detectors (Flammable, Toxic….)

–       Smoke Detectors

–       PB, Horn, Flashing Lights…



–       Cables (fire resistant, flame retardant, single/multi core/pair/triple…)

–       Hook-Up Material (Tube, Fittings, Installation materials….)

–       Cable Glands (Exd, Exe, Non Ex…)

–       Junction Box (different certification, different material…)



–       Local Receivers

–       Manifolds

–       Winterizing Boxes


3-    PACKAGES/PROCESS SKIDS (subject to discuss)

–       Mixing Station

–       Fiscal Metering Systems including Meter Provers

–       Gas Blanketing System